Foor Door Product Certification

Product Certification

Product Conformity Certification Scheme for Passive Fire Protection Products(PCCS-PFPP:001)

The certificiation is made according to specific requirements and testing standards devised by Hong Kong Certification Services Limited (HKCSL) to monitor quality and implement production management system. The Hong Kong Certification Services Limited inspects factory every year and conducts sampling tests to check if the products conform to specific requirement and testing standards.

The certification is carried out to protect consumers from buying substandard products and ensure products on the market meet certain standards.

Hong Kong Accreditation Services (HKAS) publishes standards and requirements for certification

Sherex Fire-proof Material Factory presents company's information and data about the fire-rated door

1) HKAS designates a qualified testing center to carry out fire-rated test to check if the product conforms to BS476 : Part 22 : 1987 (a testing standard). 2) HKCSL evaluates production and managemnet system of the factory

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