Fire Doors Explained - February sold out already


The February date for Chiltern International Fire's popular Fire Doors Explained training day has sold out as demand for training in this specialist area continues - despite the difficult economic climate.

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Almost as soon as the 2012 details were released online, the 28th February date for Chiltern International Fire's one-day training course 'Fire Doors Explained' sold out. The CPD-certified seminar, which covers steel, composite and timber fire doors, has always proved popular, but this year's interest in the course has 'surpassed all expectations'.

Deputy Technical Manager Mark Cummings said, 'Despite a difficult economic climate, the demand for training in this specialist area continues to increase. Fire Doors Explained provides an invaluable insight, serving a wide audience, from manufacturers, installers and designers of fire doorsets, to local authorities and building control inspectors.'

Further dates for 2012 are 17th April, 27th June, 19th September, 17th October and 21st November. The cost is unchanged at £310 + VAT (standard) with a discounted rate of £275 + VAT for TRADA and BM TRADA Q-Mark members. The course takes place at CIF's High Wycombe headquarters.

For provisional BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Registered Installers, half-day seminars will take place on 29th February, 18th April, 28th June, 20th September, 18th October and 22nd November.

Sherex Fire-Proof Material Co : Joint Billion Fire Door 防火門

防火門 | Fire Door

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東方日報 : http://orientaldaily.on.cc/cnt/china_world/20111210/00180_002.html?pubdate=20111210






  • 你對違章講人情,事故對你不留情
  • 事故不難防,重在守規章
  • 消防設施常做檢查,消除隱患預防事故
  • 按章操作機械設備,時刻注意效益安全
  • 嚴格遵守操作規程,提高安全生產意識
  • 與其事後痛哭流涕,不如事前遵章守紀
  • 疏忽帶來痛苦,安全創造幸福
  • 簡化作業省一時,貪小失大苦一世
  • 安全生產莫僥倖,違章操作要人命
  • 企業效益最重要,安全防火第一條
  • 安全就是節約,安全就是生命
  • 保安全千日不足,出事故一日有餘
  • 安全是生命之本,違章是事故之源
  • 求快不求好,事故常來找
  • 按章操作莫亂改,合理建議提出來

2011年安全生產月掛圖 : http://www.safe-pic.com/zhuanti.asp?typeid=280


Sherex Fire Door join Yahoo! Search Marketing


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Sherex Fire-Proof Material Co : Joint Billion Fire Door 防火門

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Fire Prevention Week is about keeping families safe

Maryville, Mo. - http://www.maryvilledailyforum.com/news/x319048089/Fire-Prevention-Week-is-about-keeping-families-safe

Fire Prevention week was established to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Each year the campaign is about keeping you, your family and your community safer from fire.

While Fire Prevention Week is October 9 – 15, the entire month is actually devoted to Fire Prevention.

This year’s theme is about “protecting your family from fire.”

Shawn Wiederholt of Guilford has been fighting fires with Maryville Public Safety for over five years.

“This time of year is really important to check everything in your house – smoke alarms and fire extinguishers,” Wiederholt said. “We’re about to check in on older folks in town and change all the batteries in their smoke alarms.”

Wiederholt was at Eugene Field Elementary School with volunteer firefighter Dilan DeVries, of Maryville on Thursday to do an after-school demonstration for students.

The pair arrived in a fire truck and students filed out one group at a time to get a up close look at the fire truck and the equipment.

Fourth grader Ethan Stone jumped up onto the fire truck and looked around.

“I didn’t know we’d get a chance to actually get up onto the truck, I think it’s neat we could get in it!” Stone said.

To test their knowledge, Weiderholt asks the students some basic questions about fire prevention. They knew some basics but he added more good tips for them to remember.

With this year’s theme about protecting your family from fire, Missouri’s fire marshal is urging residents to develop fire escape routes for their homes and practice at least twice a year.

Phil Rickabaugh, fire division supervisor, says that many families do not have escape plans. Every second counts, and escape plans help you get out of your home quickly.

Copyright 2011 Maryville Daily Forum. Some rights reserved


Promate Fire-Rated Board System : Sherex Fire-Proof Products


Sherex.com.hk - Fire-Proof Products

Up to 4 hours Integrity & Insulation
Compliance with BS476: Part 20 -24: 1987

Fire-Proof Products Features

  • Non-combustible mineral board reinforced with selected fibers and fillers.
  • Resistant to the frequency changing of temperature and environment that will not physically deteriorate when used at various construction site or factory plant.
  • When there is a fire, no toxic gas and smoke release that is harmful to human’s health.

Typical Application

  • Ceilings, floors & roofs
  • Partitions and external walls
  • Ventilation and smoke extraction ducting system
  • Electrical and mechanical services Service Enclosure
  • Upgrading of concrete structures

防火門 | Fire Door

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德國製造 - 機器人保姆 Care-O-Bot3

這一科學幻想小說中的場景,已由德國斯圖加特市弗勞恩霍弗製造工程與自動化學院所研製的新型機器人變為現實。 也許有一天,機器人保姆真可以讓人類徹底解脫家務勞動。

外形像一立式吸塵器 新型機器人保姆代號為Care-O-Bot3,高1.45米 。它只有一隻手臂,三根手指,外觀與人體毫無相似之處,但行動靈活,可以完成不少家務雜事。 德新社24日援引參與研製工作的克裡斯托弗·帕爾利茨所作解釋,設計之初,研究人員有意避開了仿生家政機器人的外形。



立體彩色照相機、激光掃瞄儀、三維立體攝像頭使機器人保姆可以實時瞭解身邊環境。 如果有人進入它手臂活動的範圍內,手臂會停止動作;體內數據庫告訴它各種生活用品的外形特徵,以及在哪兒能找到那些用品;壓力傳感器則可以避免它在抓東西時用力過大。


機器人保姆的手臂有7種自由度,可以讓它行動自如;三根手指可以拿住瓶子、茶杯以及類似物體並可以按下按鈕操縱其他機器。 此外,它還具備「學習」能力,認識新事物。使用者只需把機器人不知道的物件放入它「手」中,它就可以對物件作三維分析,從而「記住」這一物件。


Lorient Australia Fire door upgrade seals available from Lorient Australia

Ref. : http://www.infolink.com.au/c/Lorient-Australia/Fire-door-upgrade-seals-available-from-Lorient-Australia-n909700

Available from Lorient Australia , FDBU60 fire door upgrade seals are used to upgrade existing fire doors where the bottom of the door has a gap that exceeds 10mm. This gap measurement is the maximum gap allowed on fire doors according to AS1905/1.

FDBU60 fire door seals are retrofitted to fire doors to help provide up to 2 hours fire resistance, and helps to reduce costs associated with fire door replacements or door build-ups. They can even be installed while the door is in place, meaning that it will not need to be removed from its hinges.

These fire door upgrade seals can be used in combination with Lorient Integrity 4000 Series Threshold Plates to address disability compliance issues as well as aesthetics.

FDBU60 fire door seals are supplied with pre-drilled slotted holes and screws to ensure they are easily fixed to the bottom of door leafs. They can be used to seal gaps up to 60mm on 35mm and 45mm proprietary doors.

Further information on the range of fire door upgrade seals is available from Lorient Australia.

防火門 | Fire Door

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Brush fire near Red Butte Gardens begins weekend fire season

Ref. : http://www.deseretnews.com/article/705375658/Brush-fire-near-Red-Butte-Gardens-begins-weekend-fire-season.html

SALT LAKE CITY — The heat was on Sunday, as 100-degree temperatures registered the hottest day of the year and sent Utahns scrambling for cover.

On I-15 near Bangerter Highway, two southbound lanes were closed after high temperatures caused a concrete slab to buckle.

A brush fire in the mountains east of Red Butte Gardens at the University of Utah campus began Sunday at 2 p.m and spread over 20 acres. As of Sunday evening, officials said the fire was 40 percent contained. The cause of the fire is still under investigation but officials were not ruling out human involvement.

"This vegetation is dry, it's ready to burn and it's moving," Salt Lake Fire Cpt. Mark Bednarik said.

Bednarik said the fire was a "close call," with flames coming as close as 150 yards to structures. He could not speculate on when the fire would be contained, but said crews would be working through the night and were optimistic of having a perimeter around the fire Monday morning. The west side of the fire, which threatened Red Butte Gardens, the Chevron oil pipeline and the Natural History Museum, was completely contained while the east side continued to burn.

"The east side is still a big concern," Bednarik said.

Bednarik said that precautions were taken to ensure the well-being of the 120 firefighters working in the extreme heat. As of Sunday evening no injuries – of crew members or residents – were reported.

In the mountains east of Weber State University in Ogden, a fire was contained early Sunday morning after illegal fireworks triggered the burn around 11 p.m. Saturday, officials said. The people using the fireworks called the fire department and crews from five agencies struggled to reach the location due to the mountain terrain and lack of roads.

The fire burned nearly two acres before it was contained and did not reach any homes, officials said.

In the Daybreak Community of South Jordan, a garage was set on fire by fireworks around 10:20 p.m. Saturday. South Jordan Fire Battalion Chief Wayne Edginton said a homeowner was putting on a fireworks show outside his home in an open area when something went "awry" and fireworks were ignited inside the garage. A spectator standing approximately 180 feet away was struck by shrapnel and drove himself to the hospital after experiencing burns and lacerations, Edginton said. Two other individuals were treated on the scene for smoke inhalation.

Steve Rodgers was watching the fireworks from across Oquirrh Lake and said it looked like a professional show. When the fireworks stopped, the show didn't.

"There were fireworks going off inside the garage and flames rolling out through the garage door," Rodgers said.

防火門 | Fire Door

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Ref. : http://mykampung.sinchew.com.my/node/146000










Sherex Fire-Proof Material Co : Joint Billion Fire Door 防火門

防火門 | Fire Door

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Ref. : http://www.specificationonline.co.uk/news-article/740

Freedor, the world's first wireless, electrically powered free-swing door closer, has won the best passive protection product award at the 2011 Fire Excellence Awards held to celebrate the best products, services and people in the fire safety community.

Accepting the award at the glittering event, hosted by international rugby star, Martin Bayfield, Fireco MD Neil Purssey said, 'Winning this prestigious award is a really fantastic achievement! The judges have recognised that Freedor is an exceptional product that combines innovation, functionality, good looks, and the potential for fast, low-cost installation that we believe will quickly make it one of the market leaders!'

Installed at the top of a fire door and allowing the door to swing freely, Freedor allows users to hold open fire doors at any angle, automatically closing them when the fire alarm sounds. Freedor is simple, neat and unobtrusive, and it's easy to install in new buildings and retrofit.

Features include: Adjustable closing speed; Operates up to power size 4 (80kg fire door); Allows the door to be set at any angle up to 90 degrees and operate normally until activated; Suitable for right and left hand swing doors; Can be installed on the opening or closing side of the door; Night-time release facility; Fail-to-safe technology, with a minimum battery life of 12-18 months; Adjustable sensitivity; Designed to comply with BS EN 1154, BS EN 1155, BS 7273-4 category C.

For more product information contact Fireco on 0845 241 7474

Sherex Fire-Proof Material Co : Joint Billion Fire Door 防火門

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Fire and Smoke Door Inspections, repairs and replacements

Ref. : http://pr-usa.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=724422&Itemid=34

Brand Services, LLC offers all Fire Protection Services for all passive fire and safety needs which includes Fire and Smoke Damper inspection, fire door, fire stopping and facility maintenance services by its trained, certified and experienced technicians. Since 15 years Brand Services, LLC is delivering code-complaint fire protection and safety services that protect the building residents as well as owner’s investment. It is a certified Women Owned Business Enterprise which specializes in installing and maintaining passive fire protection and safety systems which include the inspection, installation, repair and maintenance of Firestops, Fireproofing, Fire and Smoke Dampers, Fire Doors, and Thermal Insulation. We have highly skilled, trained and certified technicians for assessing, repairing and maintaining all the components of fire system and equipments so we deliver all the services perfectly. One of our major services offered is detailed Fire and Smoke Door Inspections, Repairs and Replacements. Our certified inspectors thoroughly inspects the Fire Door and its important components which are necessary to be inspected to make sure that it works properly at the time of unexpected fire occurring. Moreover, précised documentation is also provided by us. The Master Report of Brand Services includes Inspection Report, Deficiency Report and Summary Report. Our services are available at many areas including New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C, Delaware, Virginia, Ohio, North and South Carolina serving numerous industries like healthcare, education, industrial, commercial and pharmaceutical companies. We have worked in many facilities for inspecting, repairing, replacing, upgrading and applying new applications performed by our full time inspectors and technicians.

Sherex Fire-Proof Material Co : Joint Billion Fire Door 防火門

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HKFPA - Fire Protection Product Installer Basic Skill Course

Hong Kong Fire Protection Association have held the 1st "Fire Protection Product Installer Basic Skill Course" on CICTA Kowloon Bay on 30 May 2009

  • Fire Protection Product
  • Fire Protection Product
  • Fire Protection Product
  • Fire Protection Product
  • Fire Protection Product
  • Fire Protection Product
  • Fire Protection Product
  • Fire Protection Product
  • Fire Protection Product
  • Fire Protection Product
  • Fire Protection Product
  • Fire Protection Product
  • Fire Protection Product

Sherex Fire-Proof Material Co : Joint Billion Fire Door 防火門

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Fire-rated Ironmongery Products : HEAVY DUTY DEADBOLT

Fire-rated Ironmongery Products HEAVY DUTY DEADBOLT-3

Fire-rated Ironmongery Products HEAVY DUTY DEADBOLT-2

Fire-rated Ironmongery Products HEAVY DUTY DEADBOLT-1

Fire-rated Ironmongery Products : HEAVY DUTY DEADBOLT

The certification is made according to specific requirements and testing standards devised by Hong Kong Certification Services Limited (HKCSL) to monitor quality and implement production management system.

Sherex Fire-Proof Material Co : Joint Billion Fire Door 防火門

防火門 | Fire Door

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建材選購 : 廚房裝修選材應注意什麼



  • 居室地材



  • 牆面材料






Sherex Fire-Proof Material Co : Joint Billion Fire Door 防火門

防火門 | Fire Door

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Fire Protection and Safety Services


(openPR) - Brand Services, LLC which was established in 1994 which a certified Woman is owned small business enterprise have delivered code-complaint fire protection and safety services that protects building occupants and owner’s investment.

For more than 15 years, Brand Services is a specialty fire and smoke barrier and mechanical insulation contractor that provides services of inspection repair, Fire and Smoke door inspections, installation and inspection of fire and smoke dampers, installing and repairing of fire stops, fireproofing services, mechanical insulation services, installing fire protection systems in support of construction industry and much more.

We have a team of highly trained and dedicated facility service staff, good internal and external communications and a complete and cohesive system in place to meet our customer’s needs. Our certified technicians have wide training and experience necessary to inspect, assess, repair and maintain all of fire systems and equipment to provide services offered by us.

We serve our services in many areas including New England, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C, Delaware, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina and South Carolina and we have offices in Gales Ferry, CT, and Hunlock Creek, PA.

For more information or any queries you can write us at info@brand-svc.com or contact us at our toll-free number 877 536 6556 or at Business phone number 860 464 1991.

Brand Services, LLC offers all Fire Protection Services for all passive fire and safety needs which includes Fire and Smoke Damper inspection, fire door, fire stopping and facility maintenance services by its trained, certified and experienced technicians.

115 B Leonard Drive, Groton, CT 06340 USA

Sherex Fire-Proof Material Co : Joint Billion Fire Door 防火門

防火門 | Fire Door

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引用 : http://www.nfa.gov.tw/Show.aspx?MID=16&UID=26&PID=16

住宅防火 居家生活注意事項

  1. 揮發性之油類【汽油、酒精、香蕉油、溶劑油等】,最易引起火災,切勿放在家中。
  2. 住宅四周巷道,違章建築或擅自設攤販,均會影響消防救災,應隨時向有關單位檢舉取締,以維護公共安全。
  3. 家庭應自備滅火器,並熟悉使用方法以備不時之需;裝璜、裝修或隔間,應使用防火材料及防焰物品,以免火警時產生濃煙烈焰影響逃生。
  4. 廚房之塵垢油污應隨時清除、煙囟及油煙通風管等,必須加裝鐵絲紗罩,以減少油脂進入通風管道內。如設有煙囟,距離屋頂須有適當高度,以免火屑飛散,引起火災。
  5. 廚房之牆壁、天花板與灶台等,均應使用不燃性防火材料建造,廚房內並應設置ABC乾粉滅火器。
  6. 房屋內部隔間、地板、天花板等裝璜,宜使用不燃性材料或經防火處理之耐燃材料;另地毯、窗簾等,宜選購具有防焰標示之防焰物品。
  7. 不可在住家從事爆竹煙火之廠外加工。
  8. 樓房窗戶裝置防竊鐵窗或廣告招牌等,容易妨礙逃生,如已裝有鐵窗者,應開設一逃生口,當逃生口上鎖時,應讓全家人均知道鑰匙位置,並定期或不定期予以保養。
  9. 汽車應自備ABC乾粉滅火器,以備滅火。禁止於川堂或公共門廳停放機車,以免影響緊急避難逃生。
  10. 梯間、通道及陽台勿堆積易燃物品,以免助長火災蔓延及影響逃生安全。


  1. 亂丟菸蒂易發生危險,床上吸菸更易失火燒身,吸菸人士務必養成隨手熄滅煙蒂之習慣。
  2. 大人外出切勿將小孩反鎖在家,火柴、打火機等須放在安全處所,以免小孩玩火,引起火災。
  3. 睡前和外出切記消防安全檢查,關閉電氣、熄滅火源。
  4. 生火取暖或以蚊香薰趕蚊蟲,易引起火災,務必小心處理。
  5. 燃放爆竹,最易引起火災,應儘量避免,如必須燃放時,應遠離易燃物品,切勿讓孩童任意玩放。
  6. 作飯、燒菜時儘量避免離開現場;當油鍋起火時,應立即將鍋蓋蓋上或用濕毛巾覆蓋,切勿用水直接潑澆撲救。


  1. 防止電線短路,定期維護保護。
  2. 使用瓦斯養成隨手關閉之習慣。
  3. 神桌燈燭長期使用,注意防範電線破損或過熱。
  4. 祭祖焚燒紙錢,使用容器裝盛,避免被風吹散造成意外。
  5. 注意住宅附近可疑人物,居家四週不要堆積易燃物,機車避免置放於騎樓,避免遭人縱火。


  1. 家人共同討論,考量家中可能之起火場所,選定二方向逃生路線,以預防主要出入口無法逃生時,能經由其它方向之門窗,至室外安全集合地點集。
  2. 假如窗戶有裝置鐵窗,應預留可開啟之逃生口,並教導家中每一個人都能快速開啟結,並確保每個家庭成員都能知道屋外集合地點。
  3. 平時準備妥適之簡易居家防災器具,並瞭解其相關位置,做好維護保養,確保相關設備及器具能發生應有功能。
  4. 製作緊急聯絡電話卡,保持常新,讓家中成員隨身攜帶乙張,或擺放於固定位置,俾便緊急時,容易取得。

Sherex Fire-Proof Material Co : Joint Billion Fire Door 防火門

防火門 | Fire Door

防火門及窗產品 | 防火產品 | 防火五金產品 | 產品認證


Fire Log: Leaving The Damper Door Closed

ref : http://belmont.patch.com/articles/fire-log-leaving-the-damper-door-closed

Gas on School Street
Feb. 2 – At 1:03 a.m., Engine 1, Rescue 1, and other units were dispatched to a School Street two family to investigate a CO detector activation. Engine 1 reported CO readings of 40 parts per million (ppm) in the basement and low levels on the first floor. Rescue 1 reported readings of 8-15 ppm on the second floor. The commander at the scene requested the gas company to the scene. Both burner units were shut down and red tagged and companies ventilated. Engine 1 discovered that the vent ducts to each burner unit were partially blocked by snow. Gas company arrived on scene and readings returned to normal after several minutes of ventilation. Homeowner advised of the red tag process and to have his burner units checked by a qualified service technician. The homeowner was also advised to clear the snow from around his vent and basement door.
Boiler overflow
Feb. 2 – At 8:50 a.m., units were dispatched to an Upland Road where the tenant on the first floor left the water fill for the boiler open. There was an oil burner technician on scene when companies arrived.
Leaking icy water
Feb. 2 – At 12:32 p.m., firefighters were dispatched to a Betts Road dwelling where it was discovered that the resident had water leak through the ceiling of first floor rear addition due to ice build-up.
24 inches of snow on the carport
Feb. 2 – At 1:42 p.m., units were dispatched to another Betts Road house to investigate the structural integrity of a carport roof. The roof had approximately 24" of snow and ice on it but did not show any signs of structural damage. The homeowner was advised to have the snow and ice removed to prevent any damage.
Checking leak, finds burner on and unattended
Feb. 2 – At 6:20 p.m., fire equipment was dispatched to a Beech Street multifamily dwelling. The incident was determined to be a water problem. A pipe to a water filtration system under the sink of the third floor unit had broken. Entry into the house was gained to the third floor unit by forcing a window on the third floor porch, damaging the window lock and the window. The third floor tenant had also left a burner to the stove on, and this burner was shut off. Water had leaked through the third floor to the second floor, the first floor and the basement. All of the affected electrical fixtures were shut down. The wire inspector responded and notified people in all three units to contact an electrician. The water also ran through the fire alarm panel showing a ground fault. The fire alarm system was red tagged. A member of the condo association was notified to have the alarm company repair the system.
Still standing on Rutledge
Feb. 4 – At 6:42 p.m., firefighters were dispatched to a Rutledge Road house. A caller reported to dispatchers a possible structure collapse at this location with an occupant inside. Firefighters found the structure to be sound and the occupant OK.
Faulty burners
Feb. 4 – At 7:55 p.m., fire units were dispatched to a Leslie Road dwelling for a gas leak inside the house. On arrival, Engine 1 investigated and found levels of 10-40 ppm throughout dwelling. Gas systems were shut down and dwelling was ventilated. National Grid was notified and responded. The first floor heating unit was found to be the source of CO in the dwelling. The unit was red tagged and the gas supply shut off. The homeowner was told to notify a technician for service.
Dampers need to be opened
Feb. 4 – At 9:26 p.m., firefighters were dispatched to Fitzmaurice Circle for smoke inside the house. It was discovered that the source of the smoke came from a fire in the fireplace in which the damper door was closed, filling the dwelling with smoke and setting off the fire alarm system.
Ice backup
Feb. 5 – At 4:12 p.m., units were dispatched to a Davis Street multifamily for a reported water problem. On arrival, personnel investigated and found water seeping into the second floor ceiling due to snow and ice piled on a flat roof. No structural damage was noticed. The occupant stated the landlord was aware of situation and arranging to fix the problem. Occupant was advised to stay out of the room until the ceiling and water leak fixed.
Water in alarm
Feb. 5 – At 7:27 p.m., fire units were dispatched to a Greensbrook Way house for an activated alarm. The incident was determined to be an alarm system ‘s alarm going off due to a malfunction: water was dripping into a smoke detector due to an ice dam problem on the roof.
Inside ashes leads to outside fire
Feb. 5 – At 8:15 p.m., Engine 2 and other units from the Belmont Fire Department were dispatched to an Amherst Road house to investigate a reported outside fire. The homeowner on the scene reports taking ash from his fireplace after burning a fire and placing it outside and away from his home. Engine 2 extinguished any remaining fire and the incident was determined to be a special outside fire.

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ANSI Seeks Public Comments on Fire Door Revision

Ref: http://www.professionaldoordealer.com/news/2011/01/ansi-seeks-public-comments-on-fire-door-revision.aspx

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is looking for public comments relating to fire doors.

ANSI, which oversees the creation, circulation and use of thousands of guidelines in several industries, is considering several proposals sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Proposal BSR/NFPA 252-201x, Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies is a revision of ANSI/NFPA 252-2007. The revision prescribes standardized fire and hose stream test procedures that apply to fire-door assemblies intended to be used to retard the spread of fire through door openings in fire-resistive walls.

All comments must be received by March 4, and will be included in the semi-annual NFPA Report on Comments. Comments and proposals can be submitted online to NFPA’s website.

The revision can be reviewed on the ANSI website, www.ansi.org.

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機舖防火劣 - 影視處縱容

Ref: http://orientaldaily.on.cc/cnt/news/20101227/00176_037.html?pubdate=20101227





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