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Freedor, the world's first wireless, electrically powered free-swing door closer, has won the best passive protection product award at the 2011 Fire Excellence Awards held to celebrate the best products, services and people in the fire safety community.

Accepting the award at the glittering event, hosted by international rugby star, Martin Bayfield, Fireco MD Neil Purssey said, 'Winning this prestigious award is a really fantastic achievement! The judges have recognised that Freedor is an exceptional product that combines innovation, functionality, good looks, and the potential for fast, low-cost installation that we believe will quickly make it one of the market leaders!'

Installed at the top of a fire door and allowing the door to swing freely, Freedor allows users to hold open fire doors at any angle, automatically closing them when the fire alarm sounds. Freedor is simple, neat and unobtrusive, and it's easy to install in new buildings and retrofit.

Features include: Adjustable closing speed; Operates up to power size 4 (80kg fire door); Allows the door to be set at any angle up to 90 degrees and operate normally until activated; Suitable for right and left hand swing doors; Can be installed on the opening or closing side of the door; Night-time release facility; Fail-to-safe technology, with a minimum battery life of 12-18 months; Adjustable sensitivity; Designed to comply with BS EN 1154, BS EN 1155, BS 7273-4 category C.

For more product information contact Fireco on 0845 241 7474

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