Hong Kong Fire Protection Association Seminar

Hong Kong Fire Proection Association Seminar for New Fire Rated Code

China Hong Kong Fire Protection Association | http://www.chkfpa.org.hk

The mission and values of establishing the CHKFPA are as follows :

Gathering fire technologists, fire professionals, disater/loss/reduction/prevention enthusiasts and fire-related enterprises in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to form an academic, charitable, non-profit making organization, so as to help Hong Kong residents with financial difficulties such as the elderly and the physically-challenged to speedily return to normal life after fire/catastrophes, and to assist in the building of a harmonious society.

In accordance with the law and policies of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, we aim to uphold social and moral values, actively promote fire technology and knowledge, unite and encourage fire technologists and professionals and disaster/loss/reduction/prevention enthusiasts to promote the development of fire service so as to make Hong Kong a safe community.

Attaching importance to public education and promotion of the fire safety, avoidance of recurrence of fire and other catastrophes by adopting a preventive approach, reduction of damage by fire and other calamities, upgrading of social safety in Hong Kong, protection of economic developments and personal lives and property in the community.

Provision and support of social and charitable activities, such as free seminars on fire safety, free first aid and other related training, and social relief from disasters and dangers etc.

According to the objectives of the Association, rendering assistance to members of the Association and people in China and overseas alike in the pursuit of fire safety, fire engineering and fire science, and to strengthen ties among them.

Calling upon people from all social strata who are interested in the elimination of catastrophes and prevention of dangers, to serve the community by promoting the development and application of fire engineering and fire science.


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