HKIA CPD Shenzhen Factory Visit

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On 3rd September, 1956, 27 architects gathered and formed a Society “for the general advancement of Civil Architecture and for promoting and facilitating the acquirement of the knowledge of the various Arts and Sciences.” Thus The Hong Kong Society of Architects was formed. On 7th May, 1957, the first amendments were made, to stand for over two and a half years. During this period the membership of the Society increased by 50% and recognition as an Allied Society was given by Royal Institute of British Architects. In accord with this growth further amendments were made to come into effect on 3rd November, 1959. By the end of 1962, the Society expanded to a membership seven times as large as that first body of foundation members.

The changes of name from Society to Institute was effected in 1972 after a great deal of preparatory work, and has initiated a new phase of activity in the Institute's affairs. Members will use the professional affix – Architect HKIA and describe themselves as Member of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects. Associates will describe themselves as Associate of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects in full. No abbreviation of this is permitted.

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