Safety in Case of Fire

What to Do in Case of Fire

ref: http://www.housingauthority.gov.hk/hdw/en/aboutus/events/firesafety05/Home_firetips_escape.htm

If there is a fire in your flat
Keep calm and tell everyone in your flat to leave.
Close all doors after you left your flat to prevent the spread of fire.
Activate the firm alarm by breaking the Break Glass with hard object and yell "Fire".

Call the Fire Services Department by dialing "999" when you are safe.
Use the emergency exits in the opposite direction of the fire.
Use the stairway behind the smoke door to leave the building.

If you find smoke on your way down the stairs
Leave that stairway as soon as you can and use another stairway if it is clear of smoke.
If you can't use any stairway, return to your flat if you can, or bang on other flat doors until you find a place to take shelter.
Remember, wherever you are, if there is smoke, crawl close to the floor. The air is fresher near the floor.

If you remain in your unit
Keep smoke from entering your unit. Use duct tape to seal cracks around the door and place wet towels at the bottom. Seal vents or air ducts the same way.
Show your rescuers where you are by waving eye-catching clothes from the balcony or window.

The Three Don'ts

Do not use the lift.
Do not wedge open the smoke door on your way escaping from the building, otherwise the smoke will spread quickly.
Do not go back to your flat to collect valuables.


Familiarize with the escape route

Familiarize with the direction and routing of the means of escape to well-prepared for quick evacuation.
Participate in fire drills to help identify the escape route.

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