Forbes - Fire Rated Steel Door System

Fire-Rated Steel Door System

Fire Rated Steel Door System

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(Fire Resistance Period Up to 4 hrs Integrity and 1 hr Insulation, according to BS476 : Part22 : 1987 standard)

  • "Forbes" Doors are our newly developed quality fire-rated steel door systems. The door systems are manufactured under strict quality control in the production process, achieving the international standard ISO 9001:2000.
  • "Forbes" Doors Manufacturing Plant is the first steel door manufacturer in Hong Kong certified under the new "Product Conformity Certification Scheme for Fire Doors" recognized by the HKCSL (Hong Kong Certification Services Limited) to ensure the door quality as well as performance reliability. (Drawing 1)
  • "Forbes" Doors are supplied with various desired color facings in powder coating or PVF coating etc. to give extra aesthetic appearances on the design of office premises.
  • The Honeycomb-core inter-locked together to provide a strong but light in weight doors that could resist normal level of imposed loading. (Drawing 2)


Joint Billion Fire Door, 防火門防火玻璃門 產品認證 (PCCS-FD) - awarded the internationally recognized ISO:9001:2000 certification

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