Fire-Rated Glass Door System

Fire-Rated Glass Door System

(Fire Resistance Period up to 2 hrs Integrity and Insulation, according to BS476 : Part22 : 1987 standard)

The First Certified Product Under the Product Conformity Certificate Scheme for Fire Doors in Hong Kong (Certificate No: PCCS-FD:001)

ThermoSafe / Forbes Fire-Rated Glass - Quality Glass

Glass deserves the existence to provide space and transparent solution for most interior designers.

On top of this application, Fire Resisting Performance is essential to keep out of the potential fire and smoke in an isolated area.

When subject to heat condition, the interlayer resin intumesces and solidifies to form an opaque barrier that protects the non-fire side of the glazed panel from radiated heat and the possibility of spontaneous combustion on the non-fire side, allowing safe evacuation of the escape corridor.

Different from other fire resistant glass in the market, ThermoSafe offers Excellent Optical Quality and Maximum Light Transmission. Moreover, it exhibits a wide range of glasses for selection of up to 120 minutes fire rated period performance. (Complied with BS 476 Part 22: 1987)

Fire-Rated Glass Features:

fire swiss foam

1. Integrity and Insulation Glass

2. Clear glass with no distortion of free vision

3. Sound reduction property

4. UV Filter glazed property

5. Life-long stable performance property

6. 「Class A」 Safety Glass property in BS6206

7. Pigmented or Patterned to give natural color selection.

JB Fire Door 防火門防火玻璃門 產品認證 (PCCS-FD) - recognized by the HKCSL (Hong Kong Certification Services Limited) to ensure the door quality as well as performance reliability.

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