Fire Safety Buildings Regulations

According to the Fire Safety Regulations of the Hong Kong Buildings Department, the compartment entrance doors, fixed glazed partition wall and windows at the back staircase of the building structure, all contributing to the basic element of the fire escape route or the protected lobby, are required to be FIRE RESISTANT.

Glazed doors and fixed partition walls are required to be tested or assessed in accordance with BS 476: Part 22: 1978, being capable of resisting the action of fire, in terms of Integrity and Insulation.

Fire Safety Regulations
Buildings Department Code of Practice of Fire Escape 1996

The ability of a glazing system to keep back flames, smoke and hot gasses, with no flaming on the non-fire side for the duration of the test period.


The ability of a glazing system to restrict the temperature rise of the non-fire side to below specified levels for the duration of the test period.

JB Fire Door 防火門防火玻璃門 產品認證 (PCCS-FD) - recognized by the HKCSL (Hong Kong Certification Services Limited) to ensure the door quality as well as performance reliability.

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