Fire-Rated Ironmongery Stainless Steel Butt Hinge

Fire-Rated Ironmongery Stainless Steel Butt Hinge

Fire-rated Ironmongery

102 X 102 X 3.0mm

Fire-rated Ironmongery

114 X 114 X 3.0mm

Fire-Rated Ironmongery Feature

  • versatile, stable and strong

Sherex Fire-proof Material Co Service

  • Dispatching professional technicians to make onsite survey and offer solutions to all kinds of projects.
  • Free measuring and computer drawing service.
  • After-sale service and technical support.

Sherex Fire-proof Material Co - 防火玻璃門

防火門 | Fire Door

防火門及窗產品 | 防火產品 | 防火五金產品 Sherex Product Certificiation: 產品認証:devised by Hong Kong Certification Services Limited (HKCSL) to monitor quality and implement production management system

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