Fire-Rated Timber Door System

Fire-Rated Timber Door System

(Fire Resistance Period Up to 2 hrs Integrity and Insulation, according to BS476 : Part22 : 1987 standard)

The Core materials basically comprise high density solid hardwood that is strong enough to accommodate the FRP standard as well as durability.

Fire-Rate Timber Door Specification:
  • Intumescent seals are installed either around door leaf or door frame to seal up the door gaps in case of fire.
  • Clear glazing of various shapes could be designed and installed on the fire-rated doors to provide vision and design function.
  • Alternative proprietary environmental core with more than 50% reduction in the usage of timber could be provided to provide same fire resisting performance as well as environmental protective function.
  • Excellent flexibility in the selection of decorative facings, such as timber veneers or plastic laminated facing.
  • Comprehensive range of Ironmongery sets are available for specification and used in different door functions.

JB Fire Door 防火門防火玻璃門 產品認證 (PCCS-FD) - recognized by the HKCSL (Hong Kong Certification Services Limited) to ensure the door quality as well as performance reliability.

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